"A Family Affair (Part 1)"
Season 8, Episode 1
#148 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date September 28, 1990
Production code 186931
Written by: Chris Cluess & Stu Kreisman
Directed by: Jim Drake
Guest stars: S. Marc Jordan
Joleen Lutz
Susan Diol
Fran Ryan
Peter Schrum
Dean Wein
Robert Bendall
Christina Whitaker
Joseph Whipp
Dorothy Andrews
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"The Blues of the Birth"
(Season 7 finale)
"A Family Affair (Part 2)"
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A Family Affair (Part 1) was the season opening episode of Season 8 of Night Court, the 148th overall episode in the series, and also the first episode in a two-part story arc. Written by chris Cluess and Stu Kreisman, the episode, directed Jim Drake, originallly aired on NBC-TV on September 28, 1990.

"A Family Affair (Part 1)"
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When Christine returns after her baby's birth, she must deal with her replacement's legacy, and Dan wants Bull to date his visiting sister.


Christine comes back from having her baby and has to deal with the shadow of her replacement, good 'ole Ted. Harry tries to avoid the tutor arranged to help him pass a crucial high school history test. Meanwhile Dan's sister comes to visit, and Dan asks Bull to take her out to see the sights of New York, unaware that his baby sister is a chip off the old Fielding block.

Did You Know?


  • The title is taken from the 1966-71 CBS-TV sitcom series A Family Affair.


  • Ma and Pa Kettle (1950's comedy film series) - Main characters reference
  • Diver Dan (1960's TV Series) - Main character reference
Featured in...

"A Family Affair (Part 2)" - Clips from the previous episode shown as a prologue in the conclusion of the story arc.


  • Birth of the Blues (1941 movie) - Movie title inspired the episode title
  • Psycho (1960 movie) - A reference is made to the movie.

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