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Alan Oppenheimer
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Alan Oppenheimer guest starred as Manhattan Municipal Court Judge Crockett in the Season 5 episode "Her Honor (Part 4)".
General Actor Information
Gender: Male
Born: (1930-04-23) April 23, 1930 (age 91)
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Years active: 1956-present
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Her Honor (Part 4)" in Season 5
Appears as: Judge Crockett

Alan Oppenheimer (born April 23, 1930) guest starred on Night Court as Manhattan Municipal Court Judge Crockett in Season 5 episode "Her Honor (Part 4)".


Alan has performed numerous roles on live-action television since the 1960s and has had an active career doing voice work in cartoons since the 1970s. He is best known for voicing Skeletor and Cringer/Battlecat in the original He-Man, Falkor, Gmork, and Rock Biter in the first Neverending Story movie, and playing a Klingon cleric in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

As a character actor, Oppenheimer has had diverse roles in popular American television programming, from playing a Nazi in Hogan's Heroes, to playing an Israeli secret agent as well as a double-agent KAOS scientist on Get Smart, to being the second actor to play Dr. Rudy Wells in The Six Million Dollar Man (Martin Balsam played the role in the pilot telemovie). Oppenheimer took over as Rudy starting with the second film, "Wine, Women and War" up until the introduction of the bionic woman in 1975, whereupon Martin E. Brooks took over as Wells until cancellation). He was the original Mickey Malph (Ralph Malph's dad) on the ABC-TV sitcom series Happy Days. He played a recurring role during the first two seasons of the NBC-TV medical drama series St. Elsewhere as Helen Rosenthal's husband, Ira. He had a recurring role as Mayor Alvin B. Tutwiller on Mama's Family.

He then continued in science fiction genre in the 1973 cult classic Westworld, where he played the head IT technician. He has also appeared in three Star Trek series, always playing a different character. He appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Rightful Heir" as a Klingon cleric, Koroth, a primary instigator of the cloning of Kahless; on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as a Starfleet Captain Declan Keogh in command of the USS Odyssey; and as an alien ambassador in Star Trek: Voyager.

In 2019, Alan guest-starred on the animated series Tigtone and in Toy Story 4 as Old Timer.[1]

Personal life

Oppenheimer married costume designer Marianna Elliott in 1958 and together they had three children.[2] The couple divorced, but wed again in 1992 and remained married until her death in 2003.[2] In 1984, he wed professional tennis player Marilyn Greenwood. They divorced in 1990.


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