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Albert "Al" Slotkin
KennethTigar as Mr.Slotkin.jpg
Mr. Slotkin, as played by Kenneth Tigar in "The Hostage" in Season 4.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Troubled man brought into court after being charged with stealing electronic components in trying to communicate with the planet "Saturn"
gets taken away by paramedics
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"The Hostage" in Season 3
Played by: Kenneth Tigar

Albert "Al" Slotkin was a character who appears in the Season 3 epiosde of Night Court, titled "The Hostage". The part of Mr. Slotkin is played in the episode by Kenneth Tigar, who later appears in the series as Gus Melman in the episode "Her Honor: Part 4" in Season 5.

Mr. Slotkin being presented by prosecutor Dan.

About Mr. Slotkin

Mr. Slotkin, a strange man who appeared in the episode "The Hostage", was brought into court after being charged with stealing electronic components in trying to communicate with the planet "Saturn". Slotkin, who really hails from New Jersey, winds up holding the court hostage with a handgun stolen from court custody which belonged to a group of subway commuters who pulled them on a French tourist asking for change for a dollar! At first threating to take the stenographer) Charlotte Portney), Plotkin takes Dan hostage and demands the rest of the parts he needs to communicate with his home planet of "Saturn"; as well as the resources, such as plutonium, which he said could be substituted by SPAM, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

Slotkin gives his description of what his "home planet Saturn", which reads like a Utopia.

On Saturn, as Plotkin's obviously disturbed mind claims, there's no hatred, no famine, no pollution of rivers and tearing down of forests, and where wars are prevented with bowling tournaments, and when Christine asks him if there was anyone whom the court could contact, he says only his parents, who moved back into "the old neighborhood", the "seventh moon on Saturn", that is!

Dan, being his usually sleazy self, takes the moment of duress as an opportunity to tell Christine that he always "undressed her with his mind ever since the first days he laid eyes on her", and that they "would have been incredible together!", as she responds, "Harry always promised me your parking space!"

Dan, who also uses the situation as an opportunity to arrange a date with a Sheila a new person in the Records office, but it goes awry when he inadvertently eats drugged food meant for Slotkin.

Harry is able to decipher Slotkin's description of Saturn as an idea of a "Utopia" as they are able to sudbue him when, in trying to fix his "transmitter", it blows a fuse out in the courthouse, (he claims it was his people communicating with him, that they they "healed" him by sending a "tranferrence of energy" which "repaired his nervat adaptaion devices"!) as then a paramedic (Nat Bernstein) offers him a residence on a "new planet" Bellvue Mental Hospital!