Angela Korchak
Dan With Angela Korshak
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Tips the police on former employer Irene Danbury, a wealthy socialite, who is also a madam, on the operation of her brothel
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Harry and the Madam" (Season 2)
Played by: Linda Hart

Angela Korchak was a character who appears in the Season 2 episode of Night Court titled "Harry and the Madam". The part of Angela is played in the episode by Linda Hart.

In the "Harry and the Madam" episode, one of New York City's oldest and most notoriously known alleged madams, Irene Danbury, who runs one of the city's best kwown brothels, and who is also a well respected socialite who's known to donate large amounts of money to various charitable orgaizations and the arts, is brought into court for prosecution on a soliciation charge stemming from a police raid on her brothel from a tip from hooker Angela, who was one of her former workers, and who was testifying against her after being fired for stealing tips from the johns.

When Dan, who represented her in her case against Madame Irene, is hugged by Angela after Judge Stone ruled in favor of her case against Irene, Dan becomes "anal-rententive" in dealing with her; in not wanting to be "infected" with any STD's, he adamantly tells her "do not touch me until you've received a note from a doctor!"