Arnold Burger
Ep 2x2 - Arnold Burger in court.png
Earl Boen as Arnold
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
???? / Prospective John
pressed charges against the defendant, a hooker for soliciation and stealing his wallet
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"The Nun" in season 2
Played by: Earl Boen

Arnold Burger was a character who appeared in on Night Court, in the Season 2 opening episode "The Nun". The part of Arnold is played in the episode by Earl Boen.

About Anita

When Arnold who pressed charges againt Anita Fries (played by Randee Heller), a hooker, on trial charged with solicitation of prostitution, robbery and assault on him (in a funny sequence, Bull announces the case "Burger & Fries!" like a fast food order) , is called to the bench with to plead his case, he accused her of stealing his wallet, as he also said that "and she refused to give it back!"

Arnold pleading his case against Anita

Burger, whom anita of being a "sicko" who "gets his kicks off of food" as she goes on to say that "He gives me 50 bucks and expects me to spend it half on melon balls, ice cream, sprinkles and Bing cherries!" as he added "They're in season!"

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