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Asaad Kelada
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Asaad Kelada directed two episodes of Night Court in its first season.
General Information
Gender: Male
Born: (1940-11-20) November 20, 1940 (age 80)
Birthplace Cairo, Egypt
TV Director/Producer
Years active: 1964-present
Appearances/Series information
Involved with: Night Court
Episode(s): 2 episodes in Season 1
Job on series: Director

Asaad Kelada (born November 20, 1940) directed two episodes of Night Court in the show's first season, "Santa Goes Downtown" and "Wonder Drugs". Asaad has been involved in directing many popular American network TV shows since the 1970's.

Early life

Kelada was born in Cairo, Egypt where he studied drama under Youssef Chahine at the American University in Cairo. In 1961, he emigrated to the United States and studied directing at the Yale School of Drama.


After directing stage plays and teaching drama in the 1960s and 1970s, he received his first opportunity directing television in 1976 with an episode of CBS-TV's Rhoda series titled "Rhoda Questions Her Life and Flies to Paris". Since then, he has directed episodes of many well-known sitcoms, including Benson, WKRP in Cincinnati, The Facts of Life, and Who's the Boss?, for which he directed 117 episodes and also produced 51. His most recent work includes direction on Dharma & Greg and Everybody Loves Raymond.

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