"Author, Author"
Season 4, Episode 3
#60 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date October 16, 1986
Production code 185933
Written by: Dennis Koenig
Directed by: Jeff Melman
Guest stars: Fran Drescher
Jay Gerber
Joe Alaskey
Peggy Pope
Matthew Brooks
Charlotte Portney
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Author, Author was the 3rd episode of Season 4 of Night Court, also the 60th overall series episode. Written by Dennis Koenig, and directed by Jeff Melman, the episode, which aired on NBC-TV, first aired on October 16, 1986. 

"Author, Author"
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Bull tries his hand at writing a children's story; however, the results are a trifle strong for the editors he submits it to.


Bull is horrified to be told that his entry in a children's book contest was unintentionally violent, horrifying, and obscene. He breaks both hands punching holes in the wall, then goes to hide at the Natural History Museum. Dan is enticed by a schizophrenic woman whose personality switches without warning from a prude to a sexpot, and back again.

Plot Summary

Bull (Richard Moll) hopes to express his love of youngsters by entering a children's book contest. Unfortunately, the judges reject his efforts as being too violent--and profane--for youthful consumption, leading Bull to dash out of the courtroom and shamefully squirrel himself away in a museum. Meanwhile, Dan is confused to the point of madness when he dates a schizophrenic client named Miriam (played by a pre-stardom Fran Drescher). Watch for Joe Alaskey, the post-Mel Blanc voice for cartoon stars Porky Pig and Daffy Duck, in a supporting role!

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