Biff, confirming Mr.Douglas's threat to Dan as geniune, in the episode "Married, Alive" in Season 2.

Biff, the goon-looking driver/courier for a Mr. Douglas, the wealthy business mogul dad of Patty Douglas, who briefly becomes engaged to Dan Fielding, appears in the Season 2 episode "Married Alive". The part of Biff is played in the episode by B-movie/TV character actor Patrick Wright.

About "Biff"

In the episode "Married Alive", when Dan begins dating Patty, whose father is wealthy business magnate with questionable, possibly organized crime ties, he begins her, for what Harry and the others thought was because she, an heiress to her dad's fortune, stands to inherit up to $40 million. But, as they begin dating, the two really hit it off, surprisingly, as they get engaged, and contemplate marrying. Whe Mr.Douglas's, who's quite overprotective of his daughter, offers to give Dan $50,000 to stop dating her, gets turned down, he, who apparently has criminal ties as well, tells Dan "If I find out that you've slept with her (Patty), it's soprano city!", as his driver/vailet and goon Biff says in very high pitched voice, which belies his very hulking presence "And he means it, too!"