Bill Oxley
Matthew Laurance as Bill Oxley
Christine presents Bill Oxley, a movie studio exec, to the court in "Who Was That Masked Man?" in Season 5.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Movie studio executive
Gets into scuffle with representative of the studio who owns the rights to the character as he refused to stop wearing the mask in public appearances
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Who Was That Masked Man?" (Season 5)
Played by: Matthew Laurance

Bill Oxley was a character who appeared in the Season 5 episode of Night Court titled "Who Was That Masked Man?". The part of the Oxley was played in the episode by Matthew Laurance.

About Bill

In the episode "Who was that Masked Man?", when a Geoff Prescott, who played by the part of The Red Ranger a popular character in the 1950's through the 1980's on the widely popular "The Saturday Matinee" TV show is brought into court for getting into a scuffle with Oxley, who worked for the studio in which The Red Ranger character was produced, when Oxley tried to take off his mask, even after the studio had obtained a court order barring him from appearing as the character in public, this while the film studio is premiering a "New Adventures of The Red Ranger" film, with a new actor, which knaws at Prescott, who originated the character.

As the Ranger, or, Prescott, and Oxley are presented in court, he still refuses to take off his mask, he admits that he never took of his mask in 42 years. Oxley, who refers to Prescott, as "a washed up old geezer", he maintains the studio's rights to the character and that Prescott is breaking the law in wearing the Ranger mask in public.

In the end, though for Oxley and the studio are thrown for a loss as the original Red Ranger and the Ranger fans win out; The Ranger doesn't have to take off his mask, as the theatre screening of the new film is a disaster, as the film not only bombed, but the fans in the theatre burned down the film screen as the new Ranger actor quit, before being sent to the hospital after being, as Oxley describes it, "Ju Ju Beed!!"