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Billie Young
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Billie Young, played by Ellen Foley
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Public Defender, Manhattan Municipal Court, NYC
Good-natured, feisty, dedicated attorney, who, like Harry, has a witty sense of light hearted humor about her
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
19 in Season 2
Played by: Ellen Foley

Billie Young was a public defender at the Manhattan Criminal Court on Night Court. The part of Billie was played by Singer/Actress Ellen Foley.

About Billie

Billie, is, at heart, a very good-natured soul, but quite feisty, especially when it comes to defending her clients; she's quite a dedicated attorney. Good-natured, Billie, like Harry, has quite a witty sense of light hearted humor about her. She served as a friend and potential love interest for Harry in Season 2 of the series.


Ellen Foley, who plays Billie on the series, was the original female vocal on the song "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" with Meat Loaf.  Foley has released several albums under her name as well as being a member of the all female group "Pandora's Box."