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Bob Stevens

General Information
Gender: Male
Producer, Director, Screenwriter
Appearances/Series information
Involved with: Night Court
Job on series: Producer, 22 episodes, Seasons 3 and 4
Story editor, 31 episodes, Seasons 2 and 3
Writer, 13 episodes, Seasons 1-4

Bob Stevens was involved with the Night Court TV series in numerous capacities; first, he produced 22 episodes, beginning with the episode "The Retirement" in Season 3, concluding with "Her Honor: Part 2" in Season 4. He also served as a story editor for 31 episodes, beginning with "Dan's Parents" in Season 2, concluding with "Hurricane: Part 2" in Season 3. He also wrote 13 episodes, beginning with the episode titled "Death Threat" in Season 1, concluding with the episode titled "Christine's Friend" in Season 4.

In addition to his work on Night Court Bob has also produced and or directed episodes for such popular TV shows as Yes, Dear, Murphy Brown, Malcolm in the Middle The Wonder Years, and Alice, as well as the short-lived NBC-TV sitcom The Duck Factory which starred a very young Jim Carrey, before his In Living Color TV series in film stardom fame.

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