Christine Sullivan
Christine Sullivan
Christine Sullivan, as played by Markie Post on the series.
Vital statistics
Birthplace New York City, U.S.
Public Defender, Manhattan Municipal Court, NYC
Dedicated defense attorney who's the primary romantic interest for Harry Stone and a regular target for Dan Fielding's lechery
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
189 in series from Seasons 2-9
Played by: Markie Post
Christine Sullivan is the Public Defender in the Manhattan Municipal Court presented on Night Court. The character is played in the series by Markie Post. Christine replaced outgoing attorney Billie Young for Season 3 of the series.

About Christine

Christine's first appearance on the show was an early Season 2 episode "Christine and Mac (a.k.a. Daddy for the Defense)", which originally aired October 4, 1984; she didn't become a regular until the third season (as Markie Post was starring on The ABC-TV action series The Fall Guy at the time). She had been producer and series creator Reinhold Weege's first choice for the part but due to her other part on ABC's show, she could not take it.

The Christine Sullivan character was attractive, honest to a fault, and somewhat naïve. She was the primary romantic interest for Harry Stone and a regular target for prosecuting attorney Dan Fielding's lechery throughout the series' run; Dan's constant attempts to bed down all sorts of attractive women is only intensified in his attempt to score with his professional nemisis, in what becomes sort of a battle-of-the-sexes between the two rival attorneys, in which Christine seems to always come out on top in as she constantly and consistenly turns down Dan's propositions, and even gains some, if all grudging respect for her talents as a fellow lawyer, and a person.

Initially, Christine doesn't find Harry to be all that much better than Dan, but she gradually warms to him as the series progresses.

Christine owns various Princess Diana memorabilia collections, such as a set of porcelain thimbles. (Harry Anderson said on the E! documentary Special about Markie Post, who plays Christine, that "she WAS Christine Sullivan. She even apologized to a garbage can for bumping it!")