Dan Fielding
Dan Fielding

Dan Fielding, played by John Larroquette
Vital statistics
Birthplace Louisiana, U.S.
Assistant District Attorney, Manhattan Municipal Court, NYC
sex-obsessed, narcissistic prosecutor who does almost anything to get a woman to sleep with him; occasionally shows a decent streak of compassion on critical occasions
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
All in series
Played by: John Larroquette
Reinhold Daniel Fielding Elmore, better known to his co-workers and associates as Dan Fielding, is the assistant district attorney in the Manhattan Municipal Court presented on Night Court. The character is played in the series by John Larroquette.

About Dan

Reinhold Daniel Fielding Elmore, who used the name Daniel R. "Dan" Fielding (although in the Season 2 Episode "Harry on Trial", he is referred to as Daniel K. Fielding), was a sex-obsessed narcissistic prosecutor who would do almost anything to get a woman to sleep with him. It was hinted that he frequented dominatrices. He is the source of many witty and sometimes cruel remarks regarding almost every other character, although he occasionally shows a decent-sized streak of compassion on critical occasions.

When his homeless lackey, eccentric rich-investor-willfully-turned-derelict Phil Sanders dies, the ever-greedy Dan is excited to discover that Phil was actually wealthy and expects to be the beneficiary of his millions, only to be hugely disappointed to find that Phil did leave him his wealth, but only as manager of a charitable foundation to be named for him.

Dan reveals near the end of the third season episode #22 "Hurricane (Part 2)" that his real first name is Reinhold (an obvious joke about the show's writer and producer of the same name), and that he began using the name Dan out of embarrassment when he started school. The other characters do not discover Dan's true name until the Season 5 episode #12 "Dan, the Walking Time Bomb".

It is earlier discovered, in the second season episode #13 "Dan's Parents", from Dan's parents Daddy-Bob Elmore (John McIntire) and Mucette (Jeanette Nolan), that he began using the last name Fielding when he went to college because he thought it sounded better for a lawyer. In the eighth season, it is revealed that he has a successful younger sister named Donna whose morals and life goals are similar to his own.

Over the course of the show's run, Dan develops an unlikely friendship with bailiff Roz Russell (Marsha Warfield).