"Danny Got His Gun (Part 2)"
Season 6, Episode 1
#102 in series (193 episodes)
Ep 6x1 - Danny Got His Gun (Part 2)
U.S. Army Reservist Dan, who was reassigned to temporary duty in the Artcic Circle, gets rescued by a family of Eskimos after his plane crashes over Hudson Bay in "Danny Got His Gun (Part 2)", the Season 6 opening episode.
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date October 26, 1988
Production code 186461
Written by: Gary Murphy & Larry Strawther
Directed by: Jeff Melman
Guest stars: William Utay
Sam Vlahos
Michael McManus
Kelly Hu
Amy Hill
Branscombe Richmond
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"Danny Got His Gun (Part 1)"
(Season 5 finale)
"Danny Got His Gun (Part 3)"
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Danny Got His Gun (Part 2) was the season opening episode of Season 6 of Night Court, also the 102nd overall episode in the series. Directed by Jeff Melman written by Gary Murphy and Larry Strawther, the episode, which aired on NBC-TV, first aired on October 26, 1988. 

"Danny Got His Gun (Part 2)"
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Dan flip-flops on his active duty for the Army Reserve until he learns it will be in a tropical paradise with a beautiful lady officer. Part 1 of three episode story arc.


In this Season 6 opening episode, which is also the continuation to the cliffhanger episode for the end of Season 5, Dan has been rescued by an Eskimo family, but is cut off from the outside world.

Meanwhile, back in New York City, the court staff reads his will and tries to cope with his death, as he leaves Christine a strong box which he claimed was a family heirloom; when she seems impressed by his humanity in leaving her such a gift, just as Christine says to him "God Bless You", a hand pops out of the box, and lands on her right breast, as in what Harry describes as Dan "copping a feel from the grave!"

When Dan accidentally shoots down a small plane trying to signal it with a flare gun, the doctor inside, Dr. Theodore Mooney (Michael McManus), who's well known around the area for treating all of the ihabitants there, winds up breaking both hands in the crash of his plane, which leaves Dan as the only one who can operate on Kista (Kelly Hu), a young Eskimo woman in the family who has come down with appendicitis, as Dr. Mooney guides him through the operation procedure.

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