Dan and Debbie
Dan with date Debbie, played by Angela Aames
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Had a romantic evening planned with Dan when earthquake tremors rock Manhanttan, and are felt at the courthouse
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Earthquake" in Season 4
Played by: Angela Aames

Debbie was a character who appeared in the episode of Night Court titled "Earthquake" in Season 4. 

The part of Debbie is played by Angela Aames, who also appeared as Angela, a girlfriend of Dan's in the Season 2 episode "Married Alive, and Angela, the nudist in the Season 2 episode "Dad's First Date", and also as Ursula, a Swedish transgendered stewardess, in the Season 4 episode "Rabid".

About Debbie

When a rare earthquake rocks the island of NYC, all of the people in the courthouse are stranded in it, Dan, and Debbie, one of his girlfriends were planning to have a hot, romantic time together as he planned to for them to have "the perfect evening" as he tells her "Were going to toast with Dom Perringon, some chilled cracked crab, and listen to some boss tunes on my new compact disc player!", when Debbie suggests "Why don't we just jump into bed?", as Dan eagerly replies "Well, that's another option... and a mighty fine one at that!"

When Debbie replies, "What are you gonna do about it, Dan?" Dan answers Debbie "I'm gonna chill you...I'm gonna thrill you...I'm gonna make the earth move!", as another tremor rocks the courthouse as he replies, also referring to the tremor "And that was with my shoes on!"