Vincent Daniels
Vincent Daniels and Dan
Dan meeting Vincent Daniels, the new D.A., and his boss, in the Season 3 episode "Dan's Boss".
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
District Attorney, Manhattan Municipal Court
Gets ridiculed by Dan for his dimimuitive height; makes life hell for Dan, who is forced to humble himself after getting briefly fired as Asst. D.A. when he observes him on his first day as the new D.A.
Related to: Kitty Daniels (niece)
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
3 in Seasons 3-5
Played by: Daniel Frishman

District Attorney Vincent Daniels is a recurring character who first appears in the episode of Night Court, titled "Dan's Boss" in season 3. The part of Vincent Daniels is played by actor Daniel Frishman, who appears in two more episodes, "Halloween II: The Return of Leon" and "Who Was That Mashed Man?" in Season 5.

About Vincent

Vincent, who beat out Dan Fielding for the vacant D.A. job, has impressive credentials: Yale Law Review, work in Washington as a Supreme Court Clerk, and he has the highest conviction rate of any prosecutor in New York State. The appointment of the diminuitive D.A. Daniels eats at Dan, who wanted the job himself as he broods, "That job was mine...I busted my butt for 10 years, and they give it to Santa's favorite elf!" Though initially underestimated because he is a little person, he has an extremely tough personality, and often acts as if he has it out for Dan.

What really eats at Dan is when Vincent observes him handling the case of Arnold Preminger, a man who was on trial for arson of his workplace who believed that "the Earth is being invaded by aliens". when Dan sarcastically offers his recommedation to the court that the accused, Preminger be "beamed aboard the Slave Colony at "Terra Bellvue"!" as in Bellvue Psychiatric Hospital, that leads Vincent to chide him, and give him a demonstration of how he wants Dan to conduct himself in court, which irks Dan even more, as it comes to a head between the two, as after the court recesses, Vincent confrots Dan, saying "We don't meet eye to eye!"

Dan then, repsonds "You want to see eye to eye!?", as he picks Vincent up by his armpits and stands him on the attorney's courtroom table, which leads Vincent into wanting to replace him with someone else as the prosecutor and his assistant, until he reviews Dan's conviction record, which is second only to his, as he changes his mind about firing him, although he pledges, with an evil grin, to make life "pure hell" for him, as he then has Dan running all types of errands for him, i.e. carrying all his law books, getting his dry cleaning done, in addition to other menial tasks. Strangely enough, Dan seems to delight in being Daniels's "slave" as he says to him "Bless you, Bless you!"

Later on, in the episode "Who Was That Masked Man?" Dan has to fend off the amorous advances of Vincent's visiting niece, Kitty (Teri Hatcher) as he has to try to resist her's and his boss's wiles, all the while trying to show her about town, as he was instructed by his boss, who apparenty used her visit to toture Dan!