Dr. Peter Green
Dr. Peter Greene
Richard Stahl as Dr. Green
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Psychiatrist, Winwood Psychiatic Center, Manhattan, NY
Sent to retreive a patient who is brought into court who claims to be the real Santa Claus
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Santa Goes Downtown" (Season 1)
Played by: Richard Stahl

Dr. Peter Green appeared in the Season 1 episode "Santa Goes Downtown". The part of Dr. Green is played in the episode by veteran character actor Richard Stahl, who had appears later in the series in another character, Christine's Uncle Floyd the episode "Attack of the Mac Snacks" in Season 7.

About Dr.Green

In his appearance in "Santa Goes Downtown", Dr. Green, a psychiatrist at Winwood Psychiatric Hospital, is sent to retreive a man named John Stevens (Jeff Corey), who had been wandering around Manhattan in a red flannel suit and cap claiming to be the real life "Santa Claus". Dr. Green was directed to Harry's courtroom, as the man, Stevens, or Santa, was picked up by police at a local department store after hours with other "derelicts".

Turns out the Dr. Green reveals that "Santa", or Mr. Stevens, always escapes from the hospital around every early December, only to reappear around early or mid-February.