Eddie L. Simms
Michael J. Fox Eddie Simms
Eddie, as played by Michael J. Fox
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Delinquent teen brought into court with girlfriend for shoplifting items from a convenient store
Life partner(s): Mary Montgomery, girlfriend
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Santa Goes Downtown" (Season 1)
Played by: Michael J. Fox

Eddie Simms was a character who appeared in the Season 1 episode of Night Court titled "Santa Goes Downtown". The part of Eddie was played by Michael J. Fox, who at the time, was co-starring on another hit NBC-TV series, Family Ties as Alex P. Keaton. This role, in addition to his role on Family Ties, is also counted as a stepping stone to the stardom which he attained when he earned the role that made him famous on the big screen, Marty McFly in the film Back To the Future in 1985.

About Eddie

In the episode "Santa Goes Downtown", A man, who is referred to as "John Doe", who was brought into Harry's courtroom for hanging out with other "derelicts" at a local department store after hours, seems to know everyone's name and facts about their lives, including two runaway teens, which happened to be Eddie and his girlfriend Mary Montgomery {Olivia Barash) both whom were brought into court for shoplifting items from a convenient store.

The man, or "Santa", convinced he's actually is St. Nick, tries hard to persuade the teens, Harry, Liz Williams the public defender, and Lana, the court clerk, of his claim to be Santa, as Eddie, not willing to believe, claims to smell booze on his breath, as the man then "All of you disbelievers can laugh all you want! But don't tell me I don't care! Don't anybody ever tell me I don't care!"

After the man becomes faint, and asks for a doctor, who diagnoses him as having a bad heart condition, is asked by "Santa" "Say, do you like that new putter your wife got you for Christmas?"

After Eddie berates the old man, calling him a fake, Harry forces him to apologize to the man, telling him that he risked ridicule and his own health just to show him that.