Elmore Watkins
Night Court episode 2x14 - Charles Bouvier as Elmore Watkins
Charles Bouvier as Elmore
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
NYC Cab Driver
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Nuts About Harry" (Season 2)
Played by: Charles Bouvier

Elmore Watkins, a New York City cabbie, appears in the Season 2 episode "Nuts About Harry" (episode #14). The part of Elmore is played in the episode by Charles Bouvier, who also appears as Sidney Frizzell in "The Wheels of Justice (Part 1)" in Season 2, then as Melvin Hall in the episode titled "Earthquake" in Season 4.

About Elmore

When a group of escaped patients from a mental hospital arrive in court, Elmore, a cabbie, complains that they had him drive around the city before stiffing him on the fare. When Harry, presiding over the case, complains that Elmore is talking too loud, he responds, "Who's yelling? I always talk this way!!"

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