Ernest "Stinky" Carter
5x12 - Patrick Thomas O'Brien as Stinky Carter
Patrick Thomas O'Brien as Stinky Carter
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Septic tank cleaner
threatens to blow up the Manhattan Court room by planting a bomb he made in Dan's briefcase as he blames Dan for ruining his life
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Dan, the Walking Time Bomb (Season 5)
Played by: Patrick Thomas O'Brien
Ernie "Stinky" Carter was a character who appeared in the Season 5 episode of Night Court titled "Dan, the Walking Time Bomb" (episode #12). The part of Stinky was played in the episode by Patrick Thomas O'Brien.

About Stinky

Stinky, an old high school classmate of Dan's, catches him by surprise, as he travels to New York City to take "revenge" on Dan, as he threatens to blow up Dan, and the Manhattan Court room in the process, by planting a time bomb he made in Dan's briefcase.

Stinky, who's held a long standing grudge against Dan, blamed him for deliberately destroying his high school class project, a "battery operated sewage plant", which spilled over onto the classroom floor after Dan's project, a model of the "female reproductive system", had a malfunction as he collided with Ernie as he was holding the "sewage plant", as he goes on to tell Dan and the court that he, because of the classroom accident, lost his college scholarship and spent fifteen years of his life after high school working at a job emptying septic tanks.

5x12 - Stinky Carter confronts Dan

Stinky confronts Dan in the cafteria

Harry and the gang has to remind Stinky that he promised to release Dan, who initially didn't remember him when he confronted him in the cafeteria with the bomb, once he remembered him, as they tell him he'd be just as low as Dan if he went back on his word, as he does release him.

Stinky does get some sort of "revenge" of sorts on Dan when he not only reveals that Dan's real first name is "Reinhold", but also, when Dan tells him "How could you come in here and ruin my life by telling everybody my name is Reinhold!?" as he says to Dan "you can thank your lucky stars I didn't tell them about the accordion!"

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