Eugene Roche
360px-Eugene Roche
Eugene Roche appeared as Jack Sullivan, Christine's father, in Season 2.
General Actor Information
Gender: Male
Birth name: Eugene Harrison Roche
Birthplace Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Death Location Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Character actor, TV commercial pitchman
Years active: 1961–2004
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Christine and Mac (a.k.a. Daddy for the Defense)" (Season 2)
Appears as: Jack Sullivan, Christine's dad

Eugene Roche appeared on Night Court as Jack Sullivan, Christine's overprotective dad, in the Season 2 episode titled "Christine and Mac (a.k.a. Daddy for the Defense)". A versatile veteran television actor, Eugene appeared in both sitcoms and dramatic series, which included appearances on such popular shows as Kojak, SOAP, Airwolf, Webster and Magnum, P.I..

Perhaps his most notable TV role was as Pinky Petersen on the CBS sitcom series All in the Family, where he appeared in a total of three episodes. He was the original "Ajax Man" in 1970s television commercials.n a memorable Christmas Day episode, "The Draft Dodger" (Episode 146, 1976), Pinky, whose son was killed in the Vietnam War, has Christmas dinner with the Bunkers and an acquaintance of Mike and Gloria, David Brewster (portrayed by actor Renny Temple), who was a draft evader living in Canada at that time. Archie angrily confronted David over this and treated him harshly. Pinky calmly and respectfully disagreed with Archie's opinion and defended David. He felt it would be an honor to have dinner with David, and believed his son would have felt the same. Roche reprised the role in other All in the Family episodes the next few seasons.

Eugene also appeared in several films, which included 1978's Foul Play, opposite film stars Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase.

Eugene also served was the original "Ajax Man" in the 1970s television commercial ads.

Personal life

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of a U.S. Navy man, Eugene served in the United States Army after graduating high school. [1]He was the father of nine children including actors Eamonn Roche, Brogan Roche, and Emmy Award-winning writer/producer Sean Roche. Roche died in Los Angeles, California from a heart attack, aged 75.


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