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Florence Kleiner
Florence Kliener, played by Florence Halop
Vital statistics
Bailff, Manhattan Municipal Court, NYC
Gritty-voiced, diminiuitve, and spunky
Develops unlikely friendship with fellow bailiff, Bull Shannon, like her predecessor, Selma Hacker
Loves heavy-metal music and motorcycles
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
22 episodes, in Season 3
Played by: Florence Halop

Florence Kleiner, better known as Flo, was one of the bailiffs at the Manhattan criminal court on the series Night Court. Played by Florence Halop, Florence the bailiff appeared in Season 3 of the series, a total of 22 episodes during that time, before the passing of Halop, who died after the end of Season 3; Florence was then replaced by Roz Russell for Season 3, who was played by Marsha Warfield.

About Florence

As Selma Hacker's replacement. The feisty Florence was similar in age and personality to Selma but despite her age, loved things like motorcycles and heavy metal music. She had a similar relationship to fellow bailiff Bull Shannon, as she, like her predecessor Selma, was like a mother figure to him but also liked some of the same things as he, as in tastes in music and motorbikes.