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Gus Melman
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Gus Melman, as played by Kenneth Tigar in "Her Honor (Part 4)" in Season 5.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Frustrated inventor who plans to commit suicide until Harry, who plans a hanggliding stunt on the Brooklyn Bridge, talks him out of it as he inspires Harry not to give up the fight to keep his job as a judge, then steals his hangglider
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
Her Honor (Part 4) in Season 5
Played by: Kenneth Tigar

Gus Melman was a character who appears in the Season 5 epiosde of Night Court, titled "Her Honor: Part 4". The part of Gus is played in the episode by Kenneth Tigar, who previously appeared on the series as Albert "Al" Slotkin in the episode in "The Hostage" in Season 3.

About Gus

While attempting to perform his silly "going-out-with-a-bang" publicity stunt prank on the Brooklyn Bridge, Harry (Harry Anderson) is confronted by a one Gus Melman, a frustrated inventor who intends to commit suicide, as he reveals to Harry that none of his "inventions" were ever successful.

Harry winds up serving as his "inspiration" as Melman tries, then succeeds in turn, pursuading Harry, who reveals his dilemma in not getting reinstated to the Manhattan Municipal Court, and his filing an appeal before going on with his "prank" plan, to "don't give up", as he then steals Harry's glider, not to mention his idea of using the hanggliding stunt as a means to get media attention, as he performs Harry's hang gliding stunt himself! You can hear the gliding Melman as he he glides from the Brooklyn Bridge cry out to Harry "Thanks, Harry!"