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"Hurricane (Part 2)"
Season 3, Episode 22
#57 in series (193 episodes)
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The courtroom becomes a delivery room when Hurricane Mel traps four pregnant women, as harry delivers one of the "packages", a baby girl, in Part 2 of "The Hurricane", the Seaon 3 finale (ep. #22).
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date May 8, 1986
Production code 185732
Written by: Reinhold Weege
Directed by: Jeff Melman
Guest stars: Pam Grier
James Widdoes
John Scott Clough
Brent Spiner
Annie O'Donnell
Rebecca York
Alix Elias
Mike Finneran
John Dullaghan
Marcia del Mar
Carlos Lacamara
Dick Butkus
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Hurricane (Part 2) was the 22nd and final episode of Season 3 of Night Court, also the 57th overall series episode. Written by seies creator Reinhold Weege, and directed by Jeff melman, the episode, which aired on NBC-TV, and was the 2nd part of a two-episode story arc, first aired on March 13, 1986. 

"Hurricane (Part 2)"
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The courtroom becomes a delivery room when Hurricane Mel traps four pregnant women. Part 2 and conclusion of two-part story arc.


Hurricane Mel hits New York, trapping the staff inside the courthouse with four women in labor.

Plot Summary

In the conclusion of a two-part story, Hurricane Mel bears down upon New York City just as four very pregnant defendants simultaneously go into labor in Harry's courtroom. In the course of events, one of the mothers-to-be (played by action-film diva Pam Grier) decides it's about time to marry her baby's father, while Dan (John Larroquette) is pressed into service as an emergency obstetrician! And just to make things even more difficult, Harry (Harry Anderson) must deal with the trailer-trash excesses of the Wheeler family (headed by future Star Trek: The Next Generation costar Brent Spiner). Florence Halop makes her last appearance as court matron Florence Kleiner in this, the final episode of Night Court's third season.

Cast (in credits order)


Guest stars/Recurring characters/cast

  • Pam Grier as Benet Collins
  • James Widdoes as Chad Ulin
  • John Scott Clough as Officer Tommy Connors
  • Brent Spiner as Bob Wheeler
  • Annie O'Donnell as June Wheeler
  • Rebecca York as Babs Townsend
  • Alex Elias as Stanley's wife
  • Mike Finneran as Art
  • John Dullaghan as Man in Courtroom
  • Marcia del Mar as Elaina Chaconne (as Marcia Del Mar)
  • Carlos Lacamara as Paco Chaconne
  • Dick Butkus as Stanley
  • Tom Williams as Baby V.O. (uncredited)