"If I Were a Rich Man"
Season 7, Episode 2
#125 in series (193 episodes)
NC ep 7x2 - If I Were a Rich Man
Dan plans to swindle billionaire land developer the details of a real estate that he has going, Jordan King (Dan Gerrity), this after Bull, who saved his life, offers him a part-time job and after Dan buys some New Jersey "swamp land" property in "If I Were a Rich Man" in Season 7 (ep.#2).
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date October 11, 1989
Production code 186332
Written by: Gary Murphy & Larry Strawther
Directed by: Jim Drake
Guest stars: Denice Kumagai
Dan Gerrity 
Clint Allen 
Howard George 
Loren Freeman 
Jack Axelrod
David Shawn Michaels
Jodi Johnson
Ann Morrison
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"Life with Buddy"
(Season 7 premiere)
"The Cop and the Lady"
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If I Were a Rich Man was the 2nd episode of Season 7 of Night Court, also the 125th overall series episode. Written by Gary Murphy and Larry Strawther, the episode was directed by Jim Drake. The episode, which aired on NBC-TV, first aired on October 11, 1989. 

"If I Were a Rich Man"
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Dan plans to swindle a billionaire land developer and Mac agrees to host a cosmetics party for Quon Le.

Episode Summary

After saving the life of billionaire real estate mogul Jordan King (Dan Gerrity), court bailiff Bull (Richard Moll) is offered a cushy job on King's staff. Dan (John Larroquette) hopes to use Bull's influence to try to dump some New Jersey swampland on the billionaire. Meanwhile, an embarrassed Mac (Charlie Robinson) is stuck with hosting a "makeup party" to save his ailing wife Quon Le (Denice Kumagai) from losing her new job of selling cosmetics.

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