Irene Danbury
Stella Stevens as Irene Danbury
Stella Stevens as Irene
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Brothel owner/Madam and wealthy socialite
Brought into court for a solicitation charge after a disgruntled former worker tips her operation off to the NYPD; claims to have diary revealing liasions with prominent city people which could ruin their careers, but refuses to release it
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Harry and the Madam" (Season 2)
Played by: Stella Stevens

Irene Danbury, a brothel madame, is a character who appears in the Season 2 episode of Night Court titled "Harry and the Madam". The part of Irene is played in the episode by veteran actress Stella Stevens.

About Irene

As New York City's oldest and most notoriously known alleged madam, Irene, who runs one of the city's best kwown brothels, has either had liasions with, or has girls in her brothel who's fooled around with, some of the city's most prominent men, i.e., judges, politicians, attorneys and the like. She is also a well respected socialite who's known to donate large amounts of money to various charitable orgaizations, and earned her many honors, which may be part of her front in concealing her "profession". When she's brought into court for prosecution on a soliciation charge stemming from a police raid on her brothel from a tip from one of her former workers named Angela Korchak (Linda Hart), Harry has to make the arduous decision on whether or not to enter into evidence her diary--which lists the names of virtually every prominent political and law enforcement offical in the city.

Judge Stone with Irene Danbury

The ever-enterprising Irene as she approaches the bench at the behest of Judge Harry Stone.

Perhaps out loyalty to her former patrons, or johns, who apparently looked the other way when her name was mentioned for her notorious patronage to many important officials who coveted comfort from "the world's oldest profession" (Ahem!) Irene refuses to release her diary to the public, as Harry honors her decision. As she leaves his chambers, the still ever attractive looking Irene tells him that she wonders how things would have turned out for the two of them, who seem to have a mutual admiration for each other, had they met 20 years eariler in saying "My life could've turned out quite differently!" Harry then agrees that things would have been quite different, as he says to her "20 years ago, I was only 14!"

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