"It's Just a Joke"
Season 8, Episode 12
#159 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date December 14, 1990
Production code 186942
Written by: Lee Maddux
Directed by: Howard Ritter
Guest stars: S. Marc Jordan
Joleen Lutz
Louis Mustillo
Mike Finneran
Beth Robbins
Kenneth Dixon
Perry Wayne
Clifton James
Dorothy Andrews
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It's Just a Joke was the 12th episode of Season 8 of Night Court, the 159th overall episode in the series. Written by Lee Maddux, the episode, directed by Howard Ritter, originallly aired on NBC-TV on December 14, 1990.

"It's Just a Joke"
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Everyone gets their two cents in when a comic's offensive routine sparks a First Amendment debate.


The First Admendment gets tested with the offensive material of a stand up comic.

Did You Know?


  • The comedian character of Monte Potty is based on controversial comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay, who was known in the 80's and early 90's for sexist material and adulterated nursery rhymes as part of his act. (Monte does a version of "Three Blind Mice")

Scene excerpts


  • Monte Potter: [on Roz being black] They need more security around here!
  • Roz: Actually, I AM Security around here.

  • Monte Potter: What do you call an African American man in a uniform?
  • Mac: A veteran?

[after exposing the Reverend as a fraud]

  • Harry (Judge Stone): [raising his voice, with the reporters in the background] Say, Reverend, where exactly is your church? Maybe I'd like to attend a service.
  • Rev. Lester Sinclair: We don't exactly have services.
  • Harry (Judge Stone): It's a post office box, isn't it?
  • Rev. Lester Sinclair: A very *big* post office box.

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