Jack Sullivan
Christine and her Dad Jack
Christine and Dad Jack (right) in the episode "Christine and Mac (aka Daddy for the Defense)" in Season 2.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
3 episodes, in Seasons 2-5
Played by: Eugene Roche

Jack Sullivan, Christine's father, appears in the Season 2 episode titled "Christine and Mac (a.k.a. Daddy for the Defense)". The part of Jack is played by veteran TV/film character actor Eugene Roche. Jack appears in three episodes, the other two episodes are "Dad's First Date" in Season 3, and "Hit the Road, Jack" in Season 5.

About Christine's Dad

In Jack's first series appearance, in the episode "Christine and Mac", Christine, who is subbing in for the absent Billie Young, who's taken a day off, Jack, who is quite an overprotective sort of dad, can't stop meddling in Christine's life, even her professional career, as he shows up at the courtroom to watch her at work, even heckling at times during her cases! Christine, who's having a tough time handling the load of cases that comes her way, must deal with both the criticisms of both Judge Harry, who she would later work with on a permanent basis as the new public defender in Season 3, and the constant interjections of meddling Jack, who winds up getting found in contempt of court and thrown in the slammer for insulting him and calling him a jerk for what he deems was Harry "making a fool out of her", meaning Christine, in the courtroom!

At episode's end, Jack and Christine work out their differences, as Jack promises to meddle in her affairs anymore.

In Dad's First Date in Season 3, Jack, who hasn't dated since he was courting Christine's mom, is back on the dating scene after being widowed for eight years. At what first pleases Christine, who was concerned about his loneliness since not having his late wife around, he gets brought into court for soliciting a prostitute, which shocks her to say the least.