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Judge Robert T. Willard
Jason Bernard as Judge Willard.jpg
Jason Bernard as Judge Willard
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Judge, Manhattan Municipal Court
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
2 episodes, Seasons 1 and 2
Played by: Jason Bernard

Judge Robert T. Willard is a recurring character who appears in two episodes Night Court, first, the Season 1 episode "Once In Love with Harry" and "Harry on Trial" in season 2. The part of Philip is played in all the appearances by actor Jason Bernard.

About Judge Willard

In the Season 1 episode "Once In Love with Harry", in his first appearance, Judge Willard, who seeks to enlist Harry to join his fraternal group of judges. When Harry declines the offer, it's while he is trying to persuade a hooker accquaintance who's been in her court numerous times for prostitution, a one Carla Bouvier (Rita Taggart) not to commit suicide by jumping out of his chamber office after he resists her romantic advances when he showed compassion and leniency on her during her case. In spite of this, the arrogant, overly serious, humorless, puffed up Willard often doesn't approve of the at times of the demeanor of the more laid back, practical joking, magic fan Harry, of his what he sees as "childish antics" as he constantly tries to have him removed from the bench.