Judy Landers
Judy Landers
Judy Landers made a guest appearance in Season 1 of "Night Court".
General Actor Information
Gender: Female
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Spouse(s): Tom Niedenfuer (1987-present)
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
3 in Seasons 1-5
Appears as: Vickie Guyer-McKenzie / Dan's date / Major Roberta Savage

Judy Landers (born October 7, 1958) made three guest appearances on Night Court, first as Vickie Guyer-McKenzie, a soon bride to be who appears with her soon to be husband in Harry's courtroom in the Season 1 episode titled "The Former Harry Stone", then as Dan's date in "The Apartment" in Season 3 (episode #18), then as U.S. Army Reserve Major Roberta Savage in the Season 5 final episode "Danny Got His Gun (Part 1)" (epiosde #22).

Early years

Judy was born in Philadelphia, PA and was raised in Rockland County, New York. She is the daughter of Ruth Landers, and is the younger sister of fellow actress Audrey Landers. She studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, then attended the Warren Robertson Dramatic Training School before training at the Juilliard School of Music.


Judy, who is well known for her blonde hair, beautiful looks, and busty figure, has appeared in several films, including

Stewardess School (1986), Armed and Dangerous (1986), Ghost Writer (1989), Club Fed (1990), Dr. Alien (1989), and The Divine Enforcer (1992).  She has also appeared in several television series, including The Love Boat, Happy Days, Night Court, Charlie's Angels (1978), Vega$ (1978-1979), B. J. and the Bear (1979), Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979), and Madame's Place (1982–1983), two different episodes of Knight Rider

(1982 TV series) (as two different characters), and two episodes of The A-Team (again as two different characters). She also appeared in the series The Fall Guy (1982) in season 1, episode 20 ("Three for the Road") [1] as "Jinx", and in ALF, in episode 16 of season 1, as Brenda, Wayne Schlegel's lover.

Landers has often worked with her sister and mother in the business, including collaborating with Audrey on the children's show The Huggabug Club (1996).  The sisters were on the cover of the January 1983 issue of Playboy magazine and in a non-nude pictorial.

Landers, along with her sister Audrey and their mother Ruth, produced the family film Circus Island (2006).

Personal life

In November 1987, Landers married Tom Niedenfeur, who was a relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. They have two daughters: Lindsay, born 1989; and Kristy, born 1991. The couple now resides in Sarasota, Florida.


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