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Lana Wagner
Lana Wagner.jpg
Lana Wagner as played by Karen Austin on the series.
Vital statistics
Birthplace ????
Court Clerk, Manhattan Municipal Court, NYC
Original clerk on the Night Court series; intended to be Judge Stone's romantic interest although she was engaged already; replaced by Mac Robinson as court clerk in Season 2
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
10 in series, in Season 1
Played by: Karen Austin

Lana Wagner was the original clerk at the Manhattan Criminal Court on Night Court. She appeared in ten episodes in Season 1 of the series.  The part of Lana is played by Karen Austin. Mac Robinson (played by Charles Robinson) would replace Lana as the new court clerk in Season 2 of the series when Austin left the show.

About Lana

Lana was the court clerk at the Manhattan criminal court during the first season of the show. Although she was already engaged, she had romantic feelings for Harry. In the series' pilot episode, Lana and the attorneys, Dan Fielding and Sheila Corinth (played by Gail Strickland in this episode only) questioned the selection of Harry as the new judge, until he was able to solve a dispute between a married couple who were brought into his courtroom, as he was able to get them to reconcile and win she and the other co-workers over.