Lisette Hocheiser
Lisette confronts Billy McDonald
Lisette confronting a very bratty child actor named Billy (Billy Cohen) in the Season 8 episode "Bringing Down Baby".
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Court Stenographer
Rather ditzy but honest sort; replaced previous stenographer, whose was just an unnamed/uncredited bit character
Life partner(s): Oscar Brown (in Season 9)
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
45 in Seasons 8 & 9
Played by: Joleen Lutz

Lisette Hocheiser was a recurring character on Night Court who appeared in a total of 45 episodes in the final two seasons of the series. The part of Joleen was played in the episodes by actress Joleen Lutz.

About Lisette

Lisette was the rather ditzy court stenographer in the later seasons of the show. She, having being introduced as a friend to Bull Shannon, replaced previous stenographer which was played by Charlotte Portney, who had just been nothing more than an unnamed and uncredited minor character, as the producers sought to develop another stenographer character, in Lisette, who had a sort of honest naivete about her, and who is a still capable worker, that would actually have notable parts in the episodes.

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