Lottery Representative
2x4 - NY State Commision rep examines ticket
Russ Marin as NY State Lottery representative
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
representive for the NY State Lottery Commission
momentarily examines the authenticity of winning ticket of man who had the ticket who
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Pick a Number"
Played by: Russ Marin

The NY State Lottery Commision Representative who examined the winning $3,000,000 ticket of a one Leo Baldassare (played by Sydney Lassick), who asked Judge Stone to try to find a needy more worthy of receiving the money than he appeared in the season 2 episode titled "Pick a Number". The part of the lottery representative is played in the episode by Russ Marin.

About the representaive

When the NY State Lottery commission sends a person to verify the authenticity of the winning $3,000,000 ticket, Harry tries towarn dan and the others that the process "could take a long time", as he also says "This man has to examine the ticket, compare to a master, maybe have it tested.", as the represenative briefly looks over the ticket and simply says to Harry, "This baby's good!"

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