Louise Cahill
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Veteran actress Nancy Marchand guest starred the role of U.S. Congresswoman Louise Cahill in the season 9 episodes "Party Girl, parts 1 & 2".
Vital statistics
Politician, U.S. Representative
Longtime congressperson who is challenged by Christine, who is running against her; dies in office
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
Party Girl (Part 1) & Party Girl (Part 2) in Season 9
Played by: Nancy Marchand

U.S. Rep. Louise Cahill was a recurring character who appeared on Night Court in the Season 9 episodes Party Girl (Part 1) and Party Girl (Part 2) (episodes #16, 17). The part of Congresswoman Cahill was played by veteran TV/film actress Nancy Marchand.

About Louise

Congresswoman Cahill promises Christine, who's running against her in the upcoming primary, the fight of her life, and to "annihiate her" as she's done against her opponents in the previous 10 elections.

When a political consultant named Johhny Dugan (Don Amendolia) persuades Christine to run for Congress, as he persuades her that she's a younger, fresh political voice who needs to be heard as she the prepares to run against the incumbent, longtime veteran U.S. representative Louise Cahill, whom, ironically, Dugan worked for for many years as her advisor, as the campaign attacks starts to get slanerdously vicious on both sides.

When Louise decides to drop by the Manhattan Superior Court room to pay a visit to Christine and wish her opponent "good look" and "may the best person win", she also promises Christine the "fight of her life", as Christine appreciates and respects Louise's candor in giving her some "sage political advice", as Louise also warns her that in the upcoming primary that she would thoroughly "annihilate her", just as she did her previous challangers in the last 10 elections.

Unfortunately, the hopes that Christine, who was looking foward to challenging Louise in the upcoming election, had in going against the veteran Congressperson, are dashed when she learns from Roz that Louise had died of a heart attack later that evening after dropping by to visit her; they also learn that Christine has to run in a special election to replace Cahill, against a 23-year-old recent Harvard grad (whom Johnny Dugan is now backing!), which she winds up winning.

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