"Mac's Millions"
Season 5, Episode 21
#100 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date May 5, 1988
Production code 186218
Written by: Linwood Boomer
Directed by: Tim Steele
Guest stars: Jack McGee
Harvey Jason
Keene Curtis
Lisa Pescia
Kenneth Lloyd
Denice Kumagai
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Mac's Millions was the 21st episode of Season 5 of Night Court, also the 100th overall episode in the series. Directed by Jeff Melman written by Linwood Boomer and Tim Steele, the episode, which aired on NBC-TV, first aired on May 5, 1988. 

"Mac's Millions"
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Mac quits after inheriting $2 million from his grandfather, leaving his friends at the mercy of the most incompetent court clerk in New York..


Mac inherits 2 million from his grandfather and then quits. And the gang has to deal with an incompetent replacement, who turns the court room upside down. Mac comes for a visit and showers the gang with expensive gifts. He is then sued by the owner of the building where Mac and Quon Le had their restaurant, which got damaged because of them.

And they are being sued for more than what they have. And he goes out on Quon Le because it was her fault. And he wishes he can come back but because he gave his resignation he has to apply and wait for an opening.

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