"Mama Was a Rollin' Stone"
Season 8, Episode 15
#162 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date January 30, 1991
Production code 186945
Written by: Bill Fuller & Jim Pond
Directed by: Jim Drake
Guest stars: S. Marc Jordan
Joleen Lutz<brNicholas Worth
Paddi Edwards
Biff Manard
Edward Winter
Walter Olkewicz
Dorothy Andrews
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Mama Was a Rollin' Stone was the 15th episode of Season 8 of Night Court, the 162nd overall episode in the series. Written by Bill Fuller and Jim Pond, the episode, directed by Jim Drake, originally aired on NBC-TV on January 30, 1991.

"Mama Was a Rollin' Stone"
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Dan anticipates a windfall from Phil the wino's will but gets a surprise instead. Bull anxiously awaits a visit from his mother, an old salt due to retire from the sea and come live with sonny boy..


Bull's mother, Henrietta "Hank" Shannon, (Paddi Edwards) pulls into port to meet the gang. After being told that he's the only person named in Phil's will, and therefore expecting a huge payout, Dan starts freely spending large amounts of money. However, in a cruelly ironic twist it seems that he's been named as the trustee of the Phil Foundation and, rather than recieving any money, would be required to give away $8.1 million.

Did You Know?


  • Bull's real first name "Nostradamus" is mentioned for the first time.
  • The episode title came from the 1972 Temptations hit song "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone", which was written by Motown songwriters Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong.

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