Miriam Brody
Fran Drescher as Miriam Brody
Miriam Brody, played by Fran Drescher
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Woman who was plaintiff in "peeping Tom" case; is discovered to be a schizophrenic mental patient whose personality can switch back and forth from prude to sexpot without warning; has Dan, who gives into her wiles, bound and gagged in the courtroom
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Author, Author" (Season 4)
Played by: Fran Drescher

Miriam Brody was a character who appeared in the Season 4 episode of Night Court titled "Author, Author". The part of Miriam is played by actress/comedienne Fran Drescher, later of The Nanny and Happily Divorced TV series fame.

About Miriam

In her lone episode appearance, Miriam, who was brought into court on a case where she accused a man, a Thomas Dobbs (Joe Alasky), who works for the gas company of peeking at her while she was taking a shower; Thomas side of the story had her shimmy and shaking her bosomy soapy body at him while he was checking her gas meter.

After the case was dismissed as an unfortunate incident by Judge Harry, Miriam, who came off as a prude during the proceeding of the court case, all of a sudden, turned into a sultry sexpot as she enticed Dan, propositioning him into a possible quickie in the custodial closet during recess. When Dan, who's by this time overheated with lust, meets up with her she has turned into a prude again, rebuffing Dan's advance, stating "if it's cheap sex you want, I know a place where you can get that get that sort of thing cheap!" as she calls him a "creep", and he calls her "a tease"!

Miriam Floyd coos Dan

Miriam coos Dan, this time, in the cafeteria.

When she again turns into the sexpot again, she asks for a second chance, as she once again propositions Dan, this time, in the cafeteria, as she whispers into his ear, and he then responds "We have a winner!" This time, though, Miriam turns into the prude again, this time, in the courtroom during recess, as she gives him a black eye! Turns out, as Mac finds out while performing a background check on her and the plaintiff in her case, through her psychiatrist, that Miriam is a schizophrenic, whose personality switches without warning from a prude to a sexpot, and back again.

When they try to warn Dan, who for the third time, gave into Miriam's wiles as a sexpot tease, he is found tied up, hands and foot in the courtroom, as Roz takes a picture of him in distress!

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