Mr. Loller
Jay Gerber as Mr. Loller the nudist
Mr. Loller tries to make a case for nudists in the episode "Dad's First Date" in Season 3.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Is brought into court for indecent exposure, along with others in the nudist colony he's a part of
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Dad's First Date3" (Season 3)
Played by: Jay Gerber

Mr. Loller, a nudist, appears in the episode of Night Court titled "Dad's First Date" in Season 3. The part of Mr. Loller is played by Jay Gerber, who also appears as Alan Kitch in the Season 2 episode Christine and Mac (a.k.a Daddy for the Defense)" and also as Sydney Shoup in "Author, Author" in Season 4.

About Mr. Gerber and the nudists

Mr. Loller and Flo in Harry's chambers

A patriotic Mr. Loller singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" in the buff, in trying to assert his constitutional right to do so, while Florence looks on.

When Mr. Loller and the rest of the nudist camp which he is a part of are all brought into court on indecent exposure charges, amid complaints from residents who live near the camp in the episode "Dad's First Date", They all, most notably, he, all assert their constituional right to go nude, as they do not believe in wearing clothing when in the privacy of their own colony. As Judge Stone gathers them all into his chambers, they disrobe and put on towels, with the exception of Mr. Loller, who begins singing the national anthem in the closing scene, covered only by a flag on top of Harry's desk!