Mrs. Smith
Jeanette Nolan as Mrs.Smith
Jeanette Nolan as Mrs. Smith
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"A Day in the Life" (Season 4)
Played by: Jeanette Nolan

Mrs. Smith, an elderly woman who's brought into court for "soliciting favors" to her male suitors in the home for the aged where she and they reside in the Season 4 episode "A Day in the Life" (episode #15). The part of Mrs. Smith is played in the episode by Jeanette Nolan, who also appeared as Mucette Elmore, Dan's mother, who visits him in New York City with husband Daddy Bob, Dan's father (played by real-life husband John McIntire) in "Dan's Parents" in Season 2 (episode #13).

About Mrs. Smith

Christine defends Mrs. Smith, who's brought into court for prostitution, as she, as Dan sarcastically referred to as "taunting her tawdry wares". When Harry first lays eyes on her, he asks Mac, "Isn't that the sweetest, most innocent face you've ever seen?" when Mac tells him that she's in court for prostitution. Mrs. Smith admits that she gives sexual favors for such things, Green Stamps, pudding (Dan admitted that sometimes he does it in pudding!", and sometimes "for kicks!" When Harry allows Christine to bring in "character witnesses" to vouch for her, all of them, her male suitors, are all wheelchair bound fellow patients.

When Harry asks Mr. Reynolds (Norman Bartold) the director of the Sunset Retirement Home where Mrs. Smith and her male suitors all reside, "Were all these men all that happy before they met Mrs. Smith?" he responds "No, but they could all walk!" The case winds up getting dismissed as Dan, who was hoping for another misogynistic date with Sheila, winds up (at least as it's intimated) taking up the oversexed senior on an proposition as she says to him "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!!"