Gilbert Gottfried as Oscar Brown

Gilbert Gottfried as temporary prosecuting attorney Oscar Brown in "A Guy Named Phantom", the Season 1 opening episode.

Oscar Brown was a temporary replacement court attorney for Dan Fielding after he went missing in the Season 9 opening episode "A Guy Named Phantom (Part 1)"; he would also appear in the second part of the season opening story, "A Guy Named Phantom (Part 2)" and the episode "Looking for Mr. Shannon" (#7) that season. The part of Oscar is played in the episodes by comedian/actor Gilbert Gottfried.

About Oscar

A rather quite wacky sort, Oscar, who filled in for the absent Dan, who went into hiding after the funds of the Phil Foundation, all 11 million dollars, was pilfered from its bank account, as Oscar is quite overzealous in his argument concerning a jaywalker, Father Fitzgerald, who's a priest, who he calls "a menace to society", is found guilty and charged $10, as he says the father is "guilty, guilty, guilty, and should be removed from the streets!" When Judge Stone reminds Oscar that the defendant is only guilty of jaywalking, and not "a menace to society", in awarding the defendant's fine with time served, Oscar gleefully chimes, "Yet another win for the prosecution!" as he says its "like shooting fish in a barrel!"

Christine, who admits Oscar gives her the "creeps", and Mac, the "crawls", Lisette, the stenographer, who has the hots for him, admits that "he gives me the lust bumps!", as the two begin dating, as Oscar moves in with her. When Dan, who resurfaces as "The Phantom of the Courtroom", is cleared of stealing the money from the Phil Foundation, as Will Sanders, Phil's brother, admits to the deed in returning the money, Oscar winds up getting later awarded the job as the new executor of the foundation when Dan resigns from the job.

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