Night Court episode = 3x2 - Mac and the Paramedic

A paramedic arrives to pick up a man who claims to be from Saturn who steals a gun from the evidence table, holding the courtroom at bay in the episode "The Hostage" in Season 3.

The Paramedic who appeared in the Season 4 episode of Night Court titled "The Hostage", was played by Nat Bernstein.

About the Paramedic

In the episode, when a man claiming to hail from the planet Saturn named Albert "Al" Slotkin (Kenneth Tigar) is brought into court for steal transistor parts from an eletronics store to repair his "transmitter" to communicate with his people on the planet, he winds up holding Dan and the stenographer at bay when he steals a firearm which belonged to one of a group of subway commuters who were also in court for threatening a French tourist who asked them for change for a dollar, that was lying on the evidence table.

By the time the paramedic arrives, the man, Slotkin claims it was his people communicating with him, that they they "healed" him by affecting a "large scale tranferrence of energy" which "repaired his Earth adaptaion devices"!) as then a paramedic, offers him a residence in Bellvue Mental Hospital!

When the paramedic arrives and asks "Where's the pickup?" Mac directs him to Slotkin, saying "the man in the plaid jacket thinks he's from Saturn!", the paramedic responds, "That's strange...They usually come in the spring, when their planet makes its closest approach!"