"Party Girl (Part 2)"
Season 9, Episode 17
#188 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date February 12, 1992
Production code 187247
Written by: Alison Rosenfeld-Desmarais
Directed by: Jim Drake
Guest stars: Joleen Lutz
Louan Gideon
Don Amendolia
Nancy Marchand
Cristine Rose
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson
Bill Capizzi
Darlene Jackson Hall
Bill Handy
Kristin Hoover
Dorothy Andrews
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Party Girl (Part 2) was the 17th episode Season 9 of Night Court; it was also the 188th episode in the series. Written by Alison Rosenfeld-Desmarais, the episode, which was directed by Jim Drake, originally aired on NBC-TV, February 12, 1992. It was also the conclusion of a special one hour, two-episode story.

"Party Girl (Part 2)"
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Christine is asked to run for a political office.

Plot Summary

Christine who had had been persuaded to run for Congress, begis to grow weary of her press representative and advisor Johnny Dugan's (Dan Amendolia) intent on using muckraking and mud slinging in her campaign to counter the similarly slanderous tactics of her opponent, his old employer, as she decides to drop by Congresswoma Louise Cahill's campagin headquarters (Nancy Marchand) lets her mentor Cahill know about it. Congresswoman Cahill offers Christine her some sage political advice, as she praised her for her high ideals, and also  wishes Christine the best but still warns her that in the upcoming primary that she would, as the opponents in the last 10 elections, "annihilate her".

When Christine learns from Roz that Louise had died of a heart attack later that evening, they also learn that she has to run in a special election to replace Cahill, as Dugan, who once worked for Louise Cahill using the same campaign tactics, dumps her for a still younger male candidate, a 23-year old Harvard grad, another "fresh poilitcal face", who "Rollerbades to work and listens to Garrison Keller"..

Meanwhile, as Dan, who took on a job as a paid a sexual surrogate, begins to get worn out, as he, feeling that he's being spread thin by his full "docket" of clients, begins to struggle to satisfy his own dates, not mention his doctors (Cristine Rose) patients, as his doctor, Dr. Weeks, decides to drop him as a surrogate, but still pays him well for his services, as he suddenly regains his libido in the process. Also, Mac and the gang discover, by seeing an ad in the newspaper that his "movie" idea, from the video he made,  was used to produce a movie called "Connubial Fusion", the same ttle of his video, where the entire staff, excluding Mac, are characterized. Conclusion of a two-episode story.

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