Patty Douglas
Patty Douglas and Dan having lunch
Patty, as played by Mimi Kennedy, having lunch with prospective fiancee Dan in the cafeteria in "Married Alive" in Season 2.
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Wealthy heir to her father's financial/business empire
She and Dan develop true feelings for each other as they start dating and contemplating engagement
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Married Alive" (Season 2)
Played by: Mimi Kennedy

Patty Douglas was a character who appeared in the Season 2 episode of Night Court titled "Married Alive". The part of Patty is played in the episode by Mimi Kennedy.

About Patty

In the "Married Alive" episode, Patty, whose driver, Mervyn (Kenneth Danziger) got into an accident where he ran into a horse and carriage driven by a Wilbur Posten (Elisha Cook, Jr.) while driving through Central Park, killing the horse, which led Posten to try to assault Biff with a whip! Patty, whose father (Stanley Brock) is a wealthy entrepenuer who, as Dan inquires, "owns 28 shopping centers, 62 hotels, and a small town in Ohio?" agrees to buy the carriage owner a new Thuroughbred as compensation for damages, as the case is dismissed.

When Dan and the others become aware that while still attractive, Patty, who really has "average" looks, but is seen as a "ugly duckling" of sorts to some prospective male suitors, including Dan, who answers her upon their first meeting on her court date "Go Away!"

Hoping to cash in on a big payday if things between them really got serious, as she stands to inherit $40 million from her dad's estate, Dan tries to turn the charm on as he, although he calls Patty a "graceless, social error" and that "going out with her would be a public embarrassment". He accepts her offer to go out on a date, but then, instead of going to a fancy restaurant, as she offered, he offers to have a evening togther at his place!

After maybe a week or two of going out togehter, Dan, who tried hard to persuade the others that he wasn't just going out with Patty because of her money, really finds that the two have a sort of chemistry together, as they both begin to develop feelings for one another, as it is perhaps the only time in the series which the usually promiscuous Dan, who is known for being treating woman like sex objects and having one night stands like the back of hand, which he develops serious feelings for a love interest, as the two contemplate marriage.

In the end though, the two agree that marriage isn't in the cards, as she, who admits, has been "seeing a shrink", as she bows out of their engagement, as her father threatens to disinherit her if she went through with their impending nuptials.