Paul Hodo
Dan with Paul Hodo
Prosecutor Dan present ing Paul Hodo to the court in "Harry and Leon" in Season 3.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Representative, In Your Face, Ltd. Novelty Entertainment
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Harry and Leon" (Season 3)
Played by: Lorry Goldman

Paul Hodo was a character who appeared in the episode of Night Court titled "Harry and Leon". The part of Paul is played in the episode by Lorry Goldman.

About Mr. Hodo

Paul Hodo works for a In Your Face, Ltd. a company which supposedly specializes in "novelty entertainment", as in for a $100 fee, one of their representatives will throw a pie "in the face" of whomever the client selects. Mr. Hodo was brought in to court for throwing a pie in the face of a Mr. Anthony Milch at the request of Mrs. Milch; only problem was, that the pie was frozen, as Mr. Milch, as Harry read the report, was treated for several lacerations in his face, including a broken nose; and worst of all, as Dan says from the arrest report, divorce pendings were pending!

After Dan finishes reading the case report, and before Judge Harry rendered his decision, all Paul could sheepishly say, "Can a guy take a joke!??" 

Needless to say, Harry ruled in favor of the injured man, as Hodo was ordered to pay $200 for medical costs to the man!