Phil & Louise Kerr
Louise & Phil Kerr
The Kerrs, Louise (left), and Phillip (right)
Vital statistics
Gender: Male (Phil) and Female (Louise}
Bickering married couple brought into court after husband is shot at by wife after she catches him in bed with a hooker
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"All You Need Is Love" (Series pilot)
Played by: Joseph V. Perry (Phil)
Peggy McCay (Louise)

Phil & Louise Kerr where characters who appeared in the pilot episode of Night Court titled "All You Need Is Love". The part of the Kerrs were played by Joseph V. Perry and Peggy McCay.

About the Kerrs

In the series pilot, the couple who have been married 27 years, are brought into court over the firing of gun shots from angry Louise, who caught husband Phil in bed with a prostitute, which happened to be Carla Bouvier (Rita Taggart, in her first episode appearance); the D.A. wanted to charge Louise with attempted murder, but those charges were dismissed since she missed her husband and the hooker "by a mile", as she reveals in court that she shot up in the air to get their attention. As Harry is able to persuade the bickering couple to have lunch with the attorneys Dan Fielding, the Assistant District Attorney, and the Public Defender, Sheila Corinth (Gail Strickland), the two get in a big fight there in the cafeteria, where both lawyers are roughed up trying to stop the scuffle, and where Dan's shirt was ripped right off of his back, while in his suit!

The fighting Kerrs

The Bickering Kerrs = Series Pilot

Bailiff Selma and Public Defender Sheila (Gail Stricklind) try to break up an arguement between the combating Kerrs.

New Judge Harry Stone is left to resolve the case of and the fighting combative interaction between the bickering couple:

  • Louise Kerr: I hate you!
  • Phil Kerr: Well, I hate you more!
  • Harry: We'll talk later.
  • Phil Kerr: Your whole family's crazy. Their chromosomes aren't normal, and they all look like Slinkys!
  • Louise Kerr: You leave my family out of this, you - Scuzzball. - Scuzzball!
  • Phil Kerr: You ought to lock her up and throw away the key, judge! She's crazy!

The Verdict

In the end, Harry is able to get the couple to reconcile, and husband Phil, who, after Judge stone rendered his verdict, gave him the option to proceed with the charges, which carried a 7 year prison sentence for Louise, or to drop his charges, which he winds up doing.