"Poker? I Hardly Know Her"
Season 9, Episode 15
#186 in series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date February 5, 1992
Production code 187245
Written by: Nancylee Myatt
Directed by: Jim Drake
Guest stars: Joleen Lutz
Denice Kumagai
Phil Proctor
Deborah Strang
Dorothy Andrews
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Poker? I Hardly Know Her was the 15th episode Season 9 of Night Court; it was also the 186th episode in the series. Written by Nancylee Myatt, the episode, which was directed by Jim Drake, originally aired on NBC-TV, February 5, 1992.

"Poker? I Hardly Know Her"
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Roz hosts a makeup-poker party while Harry redecorates his office and Dan dallies with a courtroom cutie.

Plot Summary

Roz has a poker and makeup party, and Dan goes after a new courtroom employee.

Did You Know?


The episode title comes from the song "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye," a popular Irish nineteenth century traditional anti-war and anti-recruiting song.


  • Bambi (1942 animated film) - title reference
  • The Way We Were (1972 film) - Title reference

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