Prince Maurice
Tim Dang as Prince Maurice
Timothy Dang as Prince Maurice
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
  • Prince of the island of Kahlua, in the Pacific
  • Part of visiting U.N. convention delegation
  • Character
  • Arrives in court to retrieve his sister, who escaped from their delegation and got arrested for bathing in an Central Park pond in the buff
  • Becomes smitten with Christine, and tries to throw an auction off to buy and marry her
  • Appearances/Series information
    Appeared on: Night Court
    appeared in:
    "Prince of a Guy" in Season 4 (episode #10)
    Played by: Timothy Dang

    Prince Maurice appears in the Night Court titled "Prince of a Guy" in Season 4 (episode #10). The part of Prince Maurice is played by Timothy Dang.

    About the Prince

    When Maurice's sister, Princess Tatiana (Jeanne Mori) is arrested and brought into court after getting caught bathing in a public pond in Central Park in the buff, Maurice, who was the head the delegates of his country, Kahlua, a tropical island in the Pacifie, arrives with his bodyguards to try to retrieve her, as she refuses to return with him on the grounds of refusing to cooperate with a marriage he's arranged for her to a bodyguard of his named Ogg. When Harry teaches his sister the magic trick of pulling a coin from one's ear in his chambers, she then demonstrates it in the courtroom, which causes him and his delegation, who thinks she is divinely inspired by the gods to manipulate the heavens, to bow in awe, as he's forced to listen to her grievances according to their native traditions, as she no longer has to wed Og, or Harry, or anyone else for that matter, if she doesn't want to.

    In his demanding of his sister to be released to him, he becomes smitten with the Christine, the D.A., as she tries to argue his case, as he says to his bodyguards, in awe of her attire: "Never have I seen a woman...wear so many clothes!"

    When christine rebuffs him after he tries to hold an impromptu "auction" for her in trying to get her to marry him, he reluctantly acquieses from his marriage offer to her as she appeases his clothes fixation by draping her shawl over her torso, as he, his delegation and his sister all leave the courtroom!