Princess Tatiana
Princess Tatiana
Jeanne Mora as Princess Tatiana
Vital statistics
Title Princess of Kahlua, a tropical island in the Pacific
Gender: Female
mistakes Harry's comapssion towards her situation as a willingness to marry her
Got busted for bathing in a pond in Central Park in the nude after escaping from a delegate party from her country who were guests at a U.N. convention
Life partner(s): Og (arranged fiancee)
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
Played by: Jeanne Mori

Princess Tatiana appears in the episode titled "Prince of a Guy" in Season 4 (episode #10). The part of the Princess is played in the episode by Jeanne Mori.

About the Princess

Hauled into Night Court for swimming in the nude in a pond in Central Park, Tatiana reveals that she is the princess of the Polynesian country of Kapua; she had escaped from her group which represented her home country at a reception at the United Nations building, as she doesn't understand the customs in the U.S., that it's illegal to disrobe in public, as she claims she is trying to "communcate with nature".

Turns out that Tatiana trying to get out of an arranged marriage to a man named Og (Joe Shea), one of the bodyguards for her brother, Prince Maurice (Timothy Dang), who becomes enamored with Christine, whom he, in the meantime, is trying to woo to become his new wife, in trying to "auction" to "win" her, to her adamant displeasure!

When Tatiana misinterprets Harry's compassion towards her situation and his having "voova" for her, or, in her native country's meaning, as being "non-offensive" or "appealing" as a willingness to marry her instead of "Og", he has to convince her not only to not wed Og, but that marrying him, who she just met, also isn't a good idea either, as he peforms a magic trick by pulling a coin from her ear, which she thinks is a power from the gods to manipulate the heavens as she, in awe and fright, bows to him!

In the end, Tatiana gets her way with her prince brother, as she emerges from Judge Stones's chamber with the knowlegde of how to perform the magic trick, which persuades her brother Maurice as he, as it is in their culture, bous to her, thinking she now has divine power, as she no longer has to wed the angry Og, who, in mistaking Dan for Judge Stone, punches him in the face!