R.J. "Bob" Colleary
R.J. Colleary
R.J. Colleary wrote two episodes for "Night Court".
General Information
Gender: Male
Born: (1957-08-26) August 26, 1957 (age 61)
Birthplace Montclair, New Jersey, U.S.
American television writer and producer
Years active: 1979-present
Website/URL: Facebook page
Appearances/Series information
Involved with: Night Court
Job on series: wrote 2 episodes in seasons 2 & 5

R.J. "Bob" Colleary (born August 26, 1957 in Montclair, New Jersey) wrote two episodes of Night Court, the Season 1 episode titled "Quardrangle of Love" and "Who Was That Mashed Man?" in Season 5. A television producer and writer, R.J. won the 1980 Primetime Emmy Award for his [ Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing – Comedy Series|television writing for his work on the ABC-TV sitcom series Barney Miller.[1] Colleary retired from television writing at age 46.[2]

Television series for which he wrote included Touched by an Angel, Promised Land, The Hogan Family, Saved by the Bell, The Facts of Life, It's a Living, The Golden Girls, Benson, Gimme a Break!, Love, Sidney, M*A*S*H, Barney Miller, and A.E.S. Hudson Street.


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