"Santa Claus"
Jeff Corey Santa Claus
Santa, or John Stevens, as played by Jeff Corey
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Found sleeping at Redfield's department store with other "derelicts" after hours; escapes from a psychiatric hospital every December and resurfaces every Feburary
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
 "Santa Goes Downtown" (Season 1)
Played by: Jeff Corey

Santa Claus was a character who appeared in the episode of Night Court in Season 1 titled "Santa Goes Downtown". The part of Santa is played in the episode by Jeff Corey.

About "Santa Claus"

In "Santa Goes Downtown", a bearded man dressed in a red flannel suit, claiming to be Santa is brought into the courtroom; Dan Fielding presents the record of the man's arrest; "Security guards at Redfield's department store found him and a couple of other derelicts sleeping there after hours".

The man, who is referred to as "John Doe", seems to know everyone's name and facts about their lives, including two runaway teens named Eddie Simms (Michael J. Fox) and Mary Montgomery {Olivia Barash) who shoplifted items from a convenient store.

The man, or "Santa", convinced he's actually is St. Nick, tries hard to persuade the teens, Harry, Liz the public defender, and Lana Wagner, the court clerk, of his claim to be Santa, as Eddie, not willing to believe, claims to smell booze on his breath, as the man then "All of you disbelievers can laugh all you want! But don't tell me I don't care! Don't anybody ever tell me I don't care!"

After the man becomes faint, and asks for a doctor, who diagnoses him as having a bad heart condition, is asked by "Santa" "Say, do you like that new putter your wife got you for Christmas?"

Anyway, tha man's true identity is revealed as "John Stevens", a man who escapes from the Winwood Psychiatric Center around every early December, then resurfaces at the center by mid February, as Dr. Peter Green (Richard Stahl), who arrives at the courtroom to retrieve Mr. Stevens, reveals, as he is there to return him to the psychiatric hospital.

As for the man's knowledge of everyone in the court, he was able to look at the names on the police report in the main lobby before the two youths were brought into court. Even with that, he still seemed to know facts about everyone he approached about their lives that no one would know but themselves, as he knew facts about Liz, Harry, whom he offers the job to replace him as St. Nick, the teen Eddie, who dismisses him as a fake, as he tells him "Remember when you were 5 and you were sick, and your mom had to hold you down to get the medicine in?"

He also seemed to know a fact about Dan, who ridiculed him" "Danny, there was some messy little business with a doll when you were eight. Don't make me bring it up!"